Outsourced Web & Software Development

Hiring freelancers and full time team members can be a long, risky and expensive process; with hiring portals, recruiters, trawling CVs and portfolio sites, it can take weeks and months before even getting to meet a suitable candidate.

A partnership with YANDA means you have an experienced and talented pool of resources one call or email away. We have a small, dedicated team of web and mobile app developers along with a network of vetted freelancers ready to augment your team and deliver your project.

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Add additional skills and headcount to your team on a low-risk basis
  • Reduce operational costs and overhead as you only pay for the days (or weeks) an contractor is actually working on your project. No holiday/sick pay etc
  • Staff admin and management/hr duties are handled by the agency
  • Short term contracts reduce risk of hiring the wrong person
  • Outsourced team members often highlights the need for additional full time team members, helping you make a case to your hiring manager

Core skills

  • Web Development
  • Bespoke Content Management Systems
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile App Development
  • Custom Themes and Plugins
  • Internal Tools
  • Analytics and Reporting


Although YANDA Software is a relatively young company, the core team have been working in the web and software industries since the late 1990's. Having worked with clients at every point in the spectrum, from small home-based businesses, through multi-national FMCG and industry giants, we have a unique set of skills gained through working with such a diverse set of clients.

Our goal is to grow our company by growing your agency. We're here to provide the resources and skillset that you need to take your agency to the next stage in your growth plan - in a low-risk manner. Our people are passionate, experienced, reliable and flexible - each team member and freelancer has been carefully vetted and in most cases have worked with the founders for many years.

How we work

100% Remote

Our teams are all set up for secure access to our cloud based infrastructure and tools.

Your Process is our Process

We adapt to how you work, using your tools and practices as if we were actually part of your team.

Strict Quality Control

Automated and manual, multi-device and multi-user testing along with performance and coding standards audits are all part of our strict quality control practices.

Seamless or Invisible

We can either act as a member of your team, communicating directly with your client or stakeholders, or we can hide away behind an email client or Slack channel with them never knowing we're here!

Industry Standard Tools

We use industry standard tooling and practices to ensure quick and simple integration into any team of any size.

You Set the Pace

Some of our clients like to work at 100mph to get their projects completed as quickly as possible, others prefer to take their time and spread the work out over longer periods. We're flexible enough to work either way.

Costs & Pricing


Each project is estimated prior to any work commencing. Estimates are based on the projected timescale, our standard day rate and your current discount tier.

Tiered Discounts

Repeat custom is rewarded with our agency partners able to earn up to a recurring 35% discount (terms and conditions apply).

Extended Payment Terms

As standard, our agency partners get 60 days to pay their invoices, allowing you time to get paid by your client and assisting your cashflow.

Monthly Billing

For ad-hoc development tasks and ongoing maintenance agreements, rather than a separate invoice for each task, we can consolidate these into a single monthly invoice.


Why shouldn't I just hire in-house developers?

Hiring developers can take a long time and can be very expensive, especially if your existing team is not technical. Trusting YANDA for short-term, ad-hoc resources can save you time, money and a lot of stress.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to find my own freelancers?

Finding, vetting, interviewing and onboarding cheap freelancers tends to end up being a false economy. Our team are guaranteed to be the skilled and reliable asset you need for your projects.

Who owns the code you produce?

The ownership of all deliverables transfers to the client once the final invoice is paid. If requested, we can also remove all code and assets from our infrastructure once a project is complete.

Do I have to provide everything up front?

Whilst having a complete understanding of your requirements and all the assets up front makes projects a lot faster, we're happy to work with your project managers (or one of our team) to document and collect everything we need for successful execution of your client's vision.

Do you provide any warranty for what you produce?

All projects are subject to a year's warranty from the date of handover (Terms and conditions apply).

How often can I review the project?

We will decide with you the frequency of communication at the commencement of the project; we are happy to go away and come back with a finished product and can also provide daily/weekly checkins with your team if necessary.

Can you help with digital strategy/social media management/ppc/seo?

Whilst some of our team have experience in each of these disciplines, our level of expertise in these fields is surpassed by our agency partners. We'd be happy to introduce you to one of our partners if you need assistance.