Branding Services

Identify and define what makes you you, then express it consistently to the world. Logos and business cards are just the start!

Brand Identity

Brand Discovery

Your brand is more than just your logo, fonts and colours; all of these things can be expressions of your brand, but they are not your brand.

YANDA can help you dig deep into the reasons that your company exists, your values and motivations, and your business goals to identify who your brand really is. The discovery process will require introspection, market understanding and competitor analysis, but will provide you with a clearly defined understanding of who you are as a brand.

Brand Strategy

Once we have identified your brand's identity, it is imperative that you define your strategy; this strategy will help to define many aspects of how you run your business, from marketing operations to customer service and everything in between.

YANDA draws on its experience working with brands of various sizes and ages to help you define this strategy, providing you with documented options and a framework for how to communicate your vision and values to new and existing customers alike.

Visual Identity

Logo Design

It'll be no huge surprise that your logo is perhaps the most important aspect of your visual identity. The Amazon “smile”, Nike “swish” and McDonald’s “golden arches” are all perfect examples of how an instantly recognisable, distinctive logo serves to enhance a brand’s identity.

At YANDA, we can help you to design a distinct, memorable logo that reflects your brand’s vision and serves as a basis for the rest of your visual identity. We will take your brand identity (from our brand discovery sessions) and create a beautiful logo, providing you with all the file formats you will need for marketing and print materials, along with uniforms, coffee cups and merchandise.

Brand Guidelines

We can compile your brand identity into a document that your team and third parties can use when representing your company.

How to use your logo (and how not to!), what tone of voice to use, the exact fonts and colours - all packaged up to ensure consistency.

Print Materials

We take your logo and brand guidelines to design and produce business cards, letterheads and email signatures. We can even organise having these printed if required.

Social Media Branding

Setting up your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages (and any others!) and applying your brand’s visual identity to them.

Graphic Design

Print Ads

Running a newspaper or magazine advertising campaign? Our talented design team can help with that too!


Brochures, leaflets, menus - if your business needs it (designed) we can probably help you design it!


Got a physical premises? Or perhaps company vehicles? We'll take your branding into the real world!

Ready to grow your business or agency? Get in touch now and let's work together to expand your capabilities, your customer base and your portfolio.