Software Development Services

Custom Software

Web Applications

High-quality web based software is an area YANDA has most experience in. From marketing platforms to quality control reporting tools, we can help you to design, build and deploy software platforms to your internal infrastructure or commercial hosting providers.

We use industry-standards based open source software, frameworks and processes to quickly and securely bring your company's specific requirements to your staff and contributors.

Rapid Prototyping

Validating your idea is an important step in the development of any new product or service.

We can help you quickly develop a working prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) for early validation of your idea and for demonstrating to potential investors.

Mobile Apps

iOS Apps

Whether you need internal apps and tools or you have an idea for the next big thing on the App Store, we can help you design and build apps for the iPhone/iPad environment using Swift or React Native.

Android Apps

If Android's more your thing, we can help you design and build apps for that using Kotlin or React Native.

Mobile Web Apps

All our websites are built to be mobile friendly, but we can also build applications specifically designed to be used on mobile browsers without requiring any additional software installed.